Wahl 79300-1001 Color Pro Complete Hair Clipper Kit

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           51HnwYJhP8L._SL1272_ ◊ You can use this Wahl 79300-1001 Color Pro Hair Clipper at home very easy and it saves you from a trip to the salon or barber. You can use it for cutting hair, trimming and grooming. Wahl 79300-1001 Color Pro Hair Clipper is one of those Wahl clippers  which you can easily trim any kind of hair and I do not refer only to people but also to your pets (dogs , cats, etc).

Wahl brand we all know that has a tremendous reputation of offering the best trimmers and shavers for personal use and at an affordable price. Thousands of positive reviews prove the superior quality and efficiency of this device, it has been used by a lot of people from around the world. It is considered a miracle among electronic devices for personal care. While it might be difficult of impossible to fulfill 100% of customers, an awesome dominant part of them rate it as the best of its kind they have ever used.

This Wahl 79300-1001  can trim mustache , beard and sideburns with surgical precision to achieve a cool uniform look  at your home, it’s important to have a mirror in front and a clean sweep for hair waste. Even if it`s a professional device it can be used by amateurs too.

Wahl 79300-1001 Color Pro Hair Clipper has 5 star rating on Amazon sites and its an expert hair clipper.


Philips Norelco QG3280Philips Norelco QG3280



The Wahl 79300-1001 Color Pro Hair Clipper is a great corded hair clipper and accompanies a ton of helpful elements.

  • Very silenced– you can operate without making any noise;
  • Lightweight and resistant– (durable USA-made development) someone said in a review that he dropped it on the bathroom floor (hone) and was unharmed;
  • Powerful engine– delivers the power to the blades and cuts very easy; 
  • Self-sharpening high-carbon steel blades- they are lasting much longer than usual and have an amazing precision and durability. Wahl has effectively fulfilled a considerable lot of their clients utilizing predominant materials and cutting edge innovation. Wahl utilizes just accuracy ground, fire-solidified edges for most extreme cutting proficiency and dependable sharpness. The chromium steel top cutting edge opposes erosion, guaranteeing years of smooth operation. The high-carbon steel base cutting edge highlights microscopic pores that really discharge oil during operation for light self-grease.
  • Taper control– The unit’s taper control gives you a chance to adjust every slice precisely to your enjoying.Wahl 79300-1001
  • Color-coded attachments and guide– that way, makes the identification easier (each lenght belongs to a specific group of colors) ;
  • Built for all kind of hair– the multi-slice scissors is anything but difficult to handle at any point. Whether you have long streaming locks or a wrestler’s buzz trim, the different aide brushes makes haircutting simple, even in tricky spots, for example, eyebrows and around the ears. It’s likewise incredible for trimming around ears neck areas and touching up sideburns.

    What`s in the box:

  1. Color Pro clipper,Wahl 79300-1001
  2. Blade guard,
  3. Flat top comb,
  4. Medium comb,
  5. Pocket comb,
  6. scissors,
  7. 2 hair clips,
  8. Cleaning brush,
  9. Blade oil,
  10. Durable storage case,
  11. Cape,
  12. Neck brush,
  13. Eyebrow trim guide comb,
  14. Ear trim guide comb,
  15. 11 guide combs,
  16. Full-color English and Spanish instructions.


-It`s very cheap and affordable;Wahl 79300-1001

-It Has  a powerful motor. This powerful motor system  cuts easily the thickest hair with 40% more power than standard WAHL Motor Clippers.

-It accompanies various distinctive connections that makes it simple to use without stressing over totally destroying your hair.

-The design of the clipper fits impeccably into the hands and is very lighweight.

-It has a full set of attachment combs.


-Eye catching design.

-This Wahl 79300-1001 Color Pro Complete Hair Clipper Kit is able to cut and trim hair all over the body.


A few clients are stating that plastic cases won’t keep going too long and can crack, but these are just speculations non of them practically encountered this situation.


        ◊ As for this top of the line master model Wahl 79300-1001 Color Pro Complete Hair Clipper, i am literally amazed. Its motor has all the earmarks of being a great deal effective just like Wahl 79602 Elite, it trims through hair with little effort and accuracy.  I like the Wahl 79300-1001 and if you trim hair at home, it`s a respectable set and will pay for itself in just a few trims. I am giving this shocking set 5 stars in light of the fact that it truly justifies it. I recommend it both for novices and experts alike. It is justified each penny you spend on it. It likewise works incredible for whiskers trimming; trims practically every hair on the principal pass. A demonstration will make you fall in love with it!

Philips Norelco QG3280Philips Norelco QG3280

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