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(Last Updated On: October 23, 2016)

       We are gonna talk about beard and everything it stands for !

The advantage is that you can experience incessant beard styles at no risk . You want to look more mature , more determined , more adventuros or simply elegant ? The beard complements that look.

Everything begins at the old imagery , insight , even vanity , hairy men dependably appeared to be sincere and great . Today beard is somewhat an accessory. Thanks to it, the kid will get to be man.

Being attracted  to a bearded man got to be chic , each lady needs adjusting to alpha females , like submission to gauges set by fashion trends . In the event that before is invoked when examining matters of cleanliness facial hair of a man , now does not appear to matter that the lucky owner should  still be cautious about her care.

The men are appreciating one another’s beard , giving their tricks/tips . To look messy they put in hours , simply like the young ladies at blushing session . Others , in view of apathy no more shave their facial hair , girls making a lifestyle attraction that finally suits them. Sometimes there is the impression that laziness habit for shaving highlights his masculinity , overrated trait of these beard man lovers. They believe that all become extraordinarily attractive , powerful.

When it comes to take care beards must consider a few factors, for example, age , conformation, professional environment, thist does not mean you need to limit yourself to one style. Just by experiencing you’ll discover something to suit your taste.

The beard must not exceed a few centimeters because the ultimate goal is to look mature and masculine. There are many who look good with a beard of several days . To have this kind of beard , it has to be maintained almost daily depending on how quickly grows. All you need is a special beard trimmer. longer beard is better suited to older men.

If you ‘re young or look youthful , beard will help you look more mature. This can be a benefit in interpersonal relations and more.

Also a fine beard with moustache can be attractive if they are maintained daily .

If you have these features:

  • Triangular face– beard should be short because it will make your face too long.



  • Elongated face – you need a broad beard that face not seem so elongated.



  • Oval face – you can consider yourself lucky. Any type of beard will be nice for you.


  • Square face – it fits  beard on entire face area and not too long including moustache.


  •  Round face is more appropriate to leave it a bit longer at the bottom of the chin to lengthen the face. Beard edges should be short . Beard and mustache combination is more suitable for men with round face.



     It means that we love any style as long as it is original! Girls  supports any fashion as long as the attitude is right . I hope we have been helpful with this post, when you decide to give a fancy shape to your beard and take care of it, for a great efficency and accurate finnish i would like to recommend one of our high quality beard trimmers or clippers. See products

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