Wahl 79602 Elite Pro Haircutting Kit

(Last Updated On: July 11, 2016)

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                      Do you enjoy looking like your favourite celebrity? Do you love dressing people up and styling them? A quintessential part of styling a person is to do his or her hair. Human beings who’ve a genuine penchant for hairstyling makes use of creative ideas to give their clients haircuts highlighting their satisfactory facial capabilities. To be an all-round stylist, you need to know the art of hairstyling as well as nail trimming, pedicure etc. You have to be aware about the contemporary styling trends, the seams which are ‘in vogue’ and the various methods you can deliver the same to your clients so they look perfect on them.

For hairstyling one needs to have the ideal hair reducing and styling kit with all the necessary equipments in it. Styling someone’s hair can be incredibly complex and you should be nicely-versed in using those equipment in a manner so one can make certain of total safety and will produce the most suitable outcome. Hair reducing scissors are the most essential gear in hair reducing and styling kits. Others include rollers, feathering razors, combs, brushes, hair clips and so on.

Hair reducing scissors are available in differing types and designs. The selection of the scissors depends on various factors like the person’s hair type, shape of the scissors’ blades, the deal with types, blade lengths and so on. In most cases two types of blades are located in a convex form which offers a clean cut with more precision and are easier to deal with than the conventional bevel edged blades which can be more long lasting but lines the fingers while cutting.

        The handles should have opposite grips appropriate for experts cutting with center finger and thumb, offset grips for people using thumb and ring finger and crane grip for enterprise experts. There are many haircutting kit in the market but few that has these qualities. One of such is the Wahl 79602 Elite Pro Haircutting Kit. It has the most effective & durable motor, for a lifetime of advanced overall performance. With a finest self sprucing precision blades, it stays sharp the longest, and cuts all hair types. It has comfy healthy stainless steel clip manual combs, for smooth and clean haircutting. Inside the kit there are 21 Piece which includes premium Multi-reduce Clipper, top rate storage case, Clipper blade protect, manual combs with numbers 1/2, 1, 1 ½ to 3/16, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8; big styling comb, cleaning brush, blade oil, chrome steel scissors, scissors blade cowl, large nylon signature barbers cape, wire wrap, manual comb garbage bag. It also comes with a complete English and Spanish commands/Styling guide.


Philips Norelco QG3280Philips Norelco QG3280

Wahl 79602 Elite Pro Haircutting Kit`s Features:

Wahl 79602 Elite Pro Review

  1.  Wahl’s best corded engine. The engine has 15% more power than Wahl’s Powerdrive premium engine for no-obstacle cutting;
  2. The complete arrangement of Secure-Fit guide brushes with stainless steel connection clasps gives you smooth and simple haircutting. Their premium evaluation material is 70% more grounded versus existing Wahl aide brushes.
  3. Wahl’s Self-honing accuracy sharp edges stay shaper longer and trims hair 45% faster.
  4. Wahl’s best corded motor.
  5. Wahl’s best blades.
  6. Wahl’s best guide combs.
  7. Adjustable taper lever.
  8. 8 feet industrial heavy duty cord.
  9. Made in USA of domestic and imported parts



What`s in the box:



Wahl 79602 Elite Pro Haircutting Kit comes with:

Wahl 79602 Elite Pro

  1. Premium Multi-Cut Clipper;
  2. Scissors sharp edge protection;
  3. Guide combs: numbers 1/2, 1, 1 1/2-3/16, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8;
  4. Premium storage case;
  5. Large stying comb;
  6. Blade lubricator;
  7. Cleaning brush;
  8. Scissors blade cover;
  9. Stainless steel scissors;
  10. Extensive nylon mark hairdressers cape;
  11. Rope wrap;
  12. Aide brush stockpiling sack;
  13. Full color English and Spanish Instructions/Styling Guide.

Why should you buy Wahl 79602 Elite Pro Haircutting Kit?


  • Self-honing exactness ground edges for smooth slicing through different types of hair and stay sharp for the long time.
  • Wahl’s best engine with 15% more power than Wahl premium Powerdrive engine for a lifetime of excellent execution.
  • Wahl’s Best guide brushes:

                -Secure Fit connection to scissors with stainless steel connection cuts.

                -70% more powerful than standard Wahl brushes.

  • Advantageous association with a premium poly case with locking hook and nylon pack for aide brush depot.First, out of all the brands at varying prices that I’ve owned, in my view this Wahl product is the first-rate. And I’m more impressed with this elite pro. Its motor seems much stronger than different fashions, it cuts thru hair with little effort and no snagging. Different clippers might snag your hair or your hair might pass through without being reduced. Again the metallic tab at the back of the attachments helps to keep the clipper higher than the attached plastic for a cleaner look.



         As for the cons in using this lit, I have noticed that the vibration and noise was too much! Also I noticed that the quality is cush that it doesn’t cut all the hair especially if you have thick hair. But apart from these disadvantages it’s still a good buy.



Wahl 79602 Elite Pro Haircutting Kit

             To enjoy this kit more, do not ever use any oil to lubricate the blades apart from the oil particularly made for hair clippers. Additionally, do not pour the oil immediately from the bottle to the blades. The oil bottle comes sealed in a bit bag with a small black brush, positioned just one or two drops of oil onto that brush and then brush the oil onto the blades with the clipper off as you want just a very mild coating. Then switch on the clipper and allow it run for a few seconds without attachments on it to help the oil lubricate the blades more frivolously.

          With respect to this first class expert model Wahl 79602 Elite Pro, i am exceptionally impressed. Its engine appears to be much more powerful than different models, it trims through hair with little exertion and no catching. I was entirely amazed to discover how heavy these scissors are. Not heavy as in uncomfortable, but rather substantial as in well manufactured. Much more pleasant than I expected for the cash. Different scissors i`ve had would catch my hair or it would go through without being trimmed. I like the Wahl 79602 Elite Pro Haircutting Kit and if  you trim hair at home, it`s a decent set and will pay for itself in only a couple trims. I am giving this astounding set 4.5 stars on the grounds that it really merits it.Wahl 79602 Elite Pro Haircutting Kit works impeccably and feels such a great amount of preferable being used over before models!

Philips Norelco QG3280Philips Norelco QG3280

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