Philips Norelco G480 All-in-One Premium Grooming Kit

(Last Updated On: January 19, 2016)

Philips Norelco G480  Description:


         While some men are lucky not to border about shaving, trimming and hair grooming, others are not so lucky. Because of their huge hairs in places like hair, nose, beard and moustache, these men need all the help they can get to maintain a good appearance. A grooming kit is designed to offer clean trimming every time you need. For a smooth trimming and for a style to be able to impress your buddies, the Philips grooming kit will help you every day.

The grooming kit permits you to fashion your stubble or your moustaches and additionally the sideburns in that manner you want and provide you with a great face to be able to provoke absolutely everyone. The trimmer is flawlessly safe and you may use it effectively at the face as it glides smoothly and is quite efficient. The rounded recommendations offers protection to the skin and enables save you any unintended cuts or burns. No gel or lubricant is wanted for the maintenance.

      This product is designed to present you unparalleled precision to create the exact appearance you had in mind. Its hair clipper comb and beard and moustache comb are designed with 9 locking duration settings to get the appearance you need. It has a handy store and charge stand to recharge trimmer and neatly save all attachments advanced visibility and new design make it clean-to-use and cozy to keep cleaning brush and hair comb blanketed.




         The Philips Norelco G480 All-in-1 Grooming system has a sizable trimmer, with superior visibility, that is designed to maintain your hair, beard, and moustache looking sharp. Each of the hair clipper and the beard and mustache trimmer are prepared with 9 locking-period settings that allow you keep your hair groomed just how you want it. And with the reachable mini-shaver, you could upload crisp completing lines and edges in your facial hair and neck line. This precision groomer functions Norelco‘s innovative MicroBlade era, designed to present you unheard of precision to create the exact look you had in mind, whilst providing a discreet way to maintain your nose, ear, and eyebrows searching smooth and shorn. You’ll also recognize the trimming attachments that rinse clean in a snap.

        This premium all-in-one grooming kit has innovative, microblade generation made to create any style you desire. Providing an open trimmer design and miniature reducing detail, the package is designed to provide you full control and visibility for immediately, even lines. The kits comes with 9 attachments that provide all of the grooming accessories you want, such as a nostril and ear trimmer, satisfactory detailing blade, eyebrow comb, mini-shaver, beard and moustache comb, clipper comb, and extra. Additionally, the sharp blades are engineered to reduce every hair in a single stroke for a easy, rapid shave.

        This grooming package is built of hardened Inox steel blades that stay sharp over time and prevent rust and corrosion. Since a messy shaver can spoil your morning, Philips made this one specially clean to easy — simply run it under the tap and it is equipped for use. No longer handiest is getting stubble off the blades a breeze, it requires without a doubt no upkeep or lubrication. The garage compartment keeps all of the add-ons in place and the shaver’s flexible design is made to in shape with ease on your hand. Nine settings range the slicing lengths for a clean shave on every occasion.

  1. More keen Than Titanium – Solidified Inox steel cutting edges give a long life and are sharper than titanium.
  2. 9 Locking Length Settings – Different cutting lengths guarantee a flawless trim each time.
  3. Simply Rinse Clean – Essentially flush any of the attachements under the tap to clean.
  4. Superior Visibility -Keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish the look you want, you have to see what you are doing. Norelco’s open outline conveys prevalent perceivability.
  5. Maintenance free -You don`t need to grease up (oil) this item.

What’s in the Box:


Philips Norelco G480

  •   The Philips Norelco G480 all in one premium Grooming kit is a outstanding, jam-packed kit for the guys in our lifestyles. It includes a full-sized trimmer, charger/garage stand, mini-shaver, moustache comb, clipper comb, nostril trimmer, precision trimmer, satisfactory detailing blade, and eyebrow comb. And the whole thing rinses clean with no oiling. Get this grooming kit for yourself! It’s got everything you need and does a first rate job.



                     The only cons in this product is that the covers are tremendously cheaply -priced and in all likelihood may damaged quicker if I used more often in a month. ALso it is not easy to find the substitute attachment guards so now you need to purchase an entire new beard trimmer after maybe 1 year. Again it may not perform very well while plugged in and the trimmer isn’t always wide enough. Inspite of these cons, the all-in-one groomer is still a good buy. In case you’re a male (or female) who prefers an extremely slick and clean look, this Philips Norelco G480 All-in-One Premium Grooming System is definitely justified even despite it’s cost. It’s one of the best electric units I’ve utilized and I’ve experienced a significant number in my lifetime. Try this unit out. You’re skull,  back,nose, and mid-section,  will thank you for it!



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