Panasonic ER-GB80-S All-in-one Hair and Body Trimmer Review

(Last Updated On: November 9, 2016)

Panasonic ER-GB80-S All-in-one Hair and Body Trimmer ReviewProduct description:


        The Panasonic  surpasses the most astounding measures of value, dependability and solace. It looks great, feels right and it’s exactness intended to keep up your individual look and style at home and on the go.

 Panasonic ER GB80-S  must be the perfect and suitable tools that you might consider having. This is especially to those men who happen to be the hairy men, which means they who have the hairy all over their body from head to toe. Some of them look great with it but there are some who do not. In this case, in order to stay clean of course they are going to need some kinds of equipments to help them cut it out. Well in this case having this tool is very helpful.

This is one of product which is produced by Panasonic. It is an electronic shaving tool that will help those who are going to shave. That means if you have the little time to do some kinds of shaving but you have to shave then this device is the right choice to have in such moment. Since now we are in the technology era, so be sure to have this sort of shaving tool because it is very practice and also save, although it is done in the hurry situation.On its appearance, this amazing shaving tool which is the product from Panasonic is really interesting. It is simple made of the great quality materials and it also easy to bring wherever and whenever you want to go. Since the size is small so of course this equipment can just be put on the bag pocket or something like that. That means you can do the shaving wherever and whenever you want. With the device, of course, no need some razors, blades, or such things that will need a great concentration while shaving in order to stay out of getting cut while having shaving.

 As the name is “all in one” that means this shaving tool have three functions which is to have your hair shaved, the beard shaved and body shaved. With these three functions of course the kind of comb that is used as the additional features of this equipment must be varied as well from one another. One is used for the hair shaving, one is for the beard shaving and the last one must be the comb for the body shaving. That is why this device has been called as the all in one.

 As we always know Panasonic always give their best on every single types of product that they released. That is why there are many loyal fan of Panasonic from all over the world. You might be one of those kinds of fans of this amazing company for always releasing the new and also the upgraded product just like this type of shaving tool that happens to be an electronic shaving. With the interesting shape, small size and also very useful one, of course this equipment must be wanted by so many people in this world. As we all know, men must have to shave almost in every two days.

      The electric shavers and trimmers from Panasonic are snappy and productive, 100% launderable, effectively compact, and have hypoallergenic stainless steel cutting edges. They are furnished with all inclusive voltage so can be utilized abroad moreover.  The new Panasonic ER-GB80-S is the perfect adornment for preparing and styling both facial and body hair.

  • Product Dimensions: 1.6 x 2 x 7.1 inches
  • Weight: 1.4 pounds
  • Silver version available

    Philips Norelco QG3280Philips Norelco QG3280

Why should you buy it?


The type of blades that are used in this shaving tool which is the Panasonic ER GB80-S  is very sharp. Since you need the sharp blade in order to help you with the hair shaving, beard shaving, or body shaving then of course having this device is highly recommended. Although, in the market out there, you might find lots of different shaving tools that are also interesting in appearance and cheap in price, but still this one is very perfect in shape and this shaving device has the very good quality. Also, the result you are going to experience after using this equipment must be perfect or in the other words you will find it clear and clean.

As we all know, this equipment, which is the shaving tools from Panasonic, is going to need some electronic power to have it worked properly. To be more exact, this Panasonic product works with the electronic power from battery. However, the kind of battery used here is the one that can be recharged whenever the power has run out. As we all know, this equipment happens to be one of the highly recommended product by so many people from all over the world. You might have also gotten some recommendation from your closest friends or colleagues to use this equipment as the perfect shaving tools.

 If you are wondering whether this very interesting shaving tool can be washed then the answer for your curiosity is yes. This very great and save shaving equipment can be washed under the faucet. You do not have to use some special treatments in order to clean this small and very useful device. Just be sure that you have to dry it soon after you have it washed under the faucet.  Because it has blade within it, and as we have already known, it might not good for the blade. So, be sure to clean it under the faucet then dry it sooner as possible.



  1. 3 brushes included: the Beard/Mustache Attachment (1-10mm), the Hair Comb Attachment(11-20mm) and the Body Comb Attachment;
  2. Slide-up exactness trimmer for more detail styling;
  3. 45-degree cutting edges for a more correct cut;
  4. Adjustable dial with 39 settings;
  5. Grooms and styles both facial and body hair;
  6. Battery energy gives up to 50 minutes of cordless use;
  7. Ergonomic, Masculine Design with Rubberized Grip;
  8. AC Rechargeable Battery;
  9. 100% Washable Design—Cleans in Seconds Under the Faucet.

    Panasonic ER-GB80-S All-in-one Hair and Body Trimmer Review




The price of this amazing shaving tool that is produced by Panasonic is categorized to be cheaper than some other related shaving devices that you might have seen from some different shops; whether it is on the online shop or the actual shop that can be visited. Well, if you are wondering about the price of this Panasonic product then here is the info. It is sold in the online market with the price of $152.50. Of course, it is called to be cheaper from some other shaving tools that you might have used or have seen it from somewhere that mostly have higher price than that.

Are you now interested of having this interesting device, which is the Panasonic ER GB80-S trimmer? Well, it is easy to get one. All you have to do is to go online, choose the one that you think is the right one, and then simply make an order. You might need to wait for a few days in order to have it. That is of course, if you are purchasing the overseas product via online shop. However, this shaving tool is worth it. Which means the price, the kind quality and the result that you are going to experience after shaving is really great. That is why many people like this device and they even have recommended it to some of their friends from all over the world.

I believe, Panasonic ER GB80-S  is an illustration of awesome items you can get on the web. There are such a large number of online retailers offering this item. In case you’re searching for this item you cand now click on the Amazon link bellow.

Philips Norelco QG3280Philips Norelco QG3280

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