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                    In case you are making plans to develop a small beard or a goatee, you have to investigate getting a beard trimmer. Those tools are critical as they’ll let you maintain your facial hair while being clean. While deciding on a beard trimmer, there are few things you ought to search for: precision of the trimmer, the safety, the attachments for different lengths and the battery life. There are also different add-ons you can search for, which include having a built-in vacuum, with a view to vacuum any hair, leaving your sink hair unfastened after a grooming session. Men with sensitive pores and skin, who are at the risk of pores and skin rashes after shaving, will discover that trimming instead of shaving is a great way to keep away those horrific pores and skin rashes from their faces. So if you are looking for an excellent beard trimmer, here is an accurate beard trimmers you might need to remember  – Philips Norelco QT4022 Stubble Trimmer Pro.

           Philips Norelco QT4022  is the best option Beauty  at this moment. When you’re searching for an authentic Philips Norelco Beauty, then this item will be the best solution. Other than from its appealing valuing, this device is likewise furnished with numerous impressive elements. This item course will supplement your wishes.

          Philips Norelco’s Steelwave Technology guarantees that facial hair is directed into the sharp edge for the definite look you desire. Besides the self-honing, no-oil-required, cutting edges are Sharper Than Titanium* to guarantee an exact trim at any moment. Remove the deflecting stubble  and the trimmer serves as an exactness detailer to make the ideal line. Get the ideal stubble look with less effort.





  • It is lightweight and flexible;
  • You can modify the trimming length while the unit is running, not at all like different brands where the unit must be turned off to adjust thelength.
  • The edges are sharp and can be utilized to trim your facial hair unequivocally.
  • The battery capacity goes on for quite a long time of run of the mill use.
  • It is independent: there are no different parts and trimming advisers to lose.
  • The trimming aide is removable, so you can alter hairlines specifically with the sharp edges.

Why should you buy it?


             The Philips Norelco QT4022  is an excellent stubble trimmer. It has a nice quiet buzz, unlike many other trimmers, and does not use strong vibrations. Despite the fact that this tool is labelled a stubble trimmer, you may find that you can use the guard for lengthy whiskers. This trimmer is mild, maneuverable, self-contained (which means that little elements that can be eliminated) and permits you to modify the trimming duration while the unit is strolling, which makes it pretty convenient. That is a product you’ll want to use everyday because of its easy of usage.

         I’ve used several beard trimmers in the past, and this one is the first-class. This is because it’s miles light and maneuverable. Also it is self-contained: there are not any separate components and trimming courses to lose and you could alter the trimming length at the same time as the unit is walking, not like other brands where the unit must be off to adjust the duration. The trimming manual is detachable, so you can adjust hairlines directly with the blades. The blades are sharp and may be used to trim your beard very exactly.

           A real “stubble trimmer” would have far extra specific trimming abilities on the low stop. The trimming manual goes from 1-nine in duration, and the simplest placing that would be stated to be “stubble”-like is setting 1. Whatever greater than that and you’re into brief beard territory. So if you’re seeking out something for awesome element paintings together with your stubble, this probably isn’t for you. But in case you’re searching out an all around wonderful beard trimmer, I fairly propose this product.



                  The only cons I notice at QT4022  is on battery and the stubble setting. At first it holds a charge but after a few weeks of using it, it barely holds sufficient rate to get through a couple trims. I’m able to plug it in in a single day and get possibly five or 10 mins of usage out of it — and the motor would not live speedy throughout that whole time, however instead starts getting slower and slower till it is almost vain lengthy earlier than it absolutely stops.



            Now i understand  why they call it a “Stubble Trimmer” as it doesn’t appear to be any not quite the same as the various whiskers trimmers that I’ve utilized as a part of the past  the length goes from longish stubble to full facial hair length. So in case you’re searching for something for incredible point of interest work with your stubble, this Philips QT4022 presumably isn’t for you.  In case you’re searching for an all around  fine facial hair trimmer, I exceedingly suggest this item. Again it is a beard trimmer in a real sense of the word instead of being a true stubble trimmer. Had it been there was a setting between 1 and 2, it would have been better. I discovered the 2 setting to be a bit too long and I don’t classify something beyond 2 as “stubble”. All of the settings beyond 2 are of no use to me, so if you want to trim a beard then these settings is probably useful, however this isn’t a ‘stubble’ trimmer.

       Even with these cons of the Philips Norelco QT4022, it is still a good buy. Because with it, I can keep my stubble, groom it with a smaller tool that is more facial friendly. What’s more if you get rid of the guard, you have a nice little trimmer for excellent work. Now admittedly, I do not use it ordinary (more like twice a week). It did sound love it became slowing down once I used it nowadays so possibly time for a fee. If you want to avoid paying $15 or $20 in keeping with haircut, are okay with wearing a simple one-length crewcut, want something you can easily pack when you are going out of town and now have a short beard in a short amount of time, then this tool could make you pretty satisfied. 



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  2. you should plug the saevhr in and let it charge for a full 12 hours before using it for the first time. The light on mine started blinking within the first hour, but I left it plugged in overnight anyway. When I tried the 8240 out the next morning, I was amazed at how quiet it is. My old Braun buzzes like a lawnmower, but this thing just whispers! The Norelco will supposedly go for up to 17 shaves before it needs recharging, and you’re not supposed to recharge it until the battery is nearly depleted. Note that this model lacks the LOW BATTERY indicator light available on the 8250 and 8251 models.The overall design of this razor is quite impressive. The three saevhr heads rock all around individually and the entire head assembly pivots on side bolts. This allows the cutters to hug your face while you shave for better results. Best of all, there’s a latch on the front that allows the hinged top to be popped open for easy cleaning. After shaving, you just push this button and run hot water inside the hair collection chamber and under the blades. Then you just leave it open to air dry. On the back of the 8240 is the standard spring release trimmer for mustaches and sideburns.You can try the Philips Norelco 8240 risk-free for 45 days. If you’re not fully satisfied after using this saevhr exclusively for three weeks, you can send it back to Philips Norelco for a refund but it must be shipped prepaid by insured mail. So you really have nothing to lose but the cost of shipping. As far as I’m concerned, this is the best electric razor I’ve ever used. But, if you’ve got the extra cash, you might want to go for the higher grade 8250 or 8251 model. WARNING: Close supervision is necessary when this razor is used by children.


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