Wahl 9854-800 Deluxe Grooming Station Rechargeable Trimmer Kit

(Last Updated On: October 26, 2016)

Wahl 9854-800 Deluxe Grooming Station Rechargeable Trimmer KitProduct description:


          This Wahl 9854-800 Deluxe Grooming Station Rechargeable Trimmer kit is made by Wahl. The history of inventor of this groomer is very interesting. MR. Wahl invents this incredible thing in 1919. His full name was Leo J. Wahl. When their very first design comes, it goes viral and go right through to manufacturing factories which are working in USA, Europe, and China. He maintained this ideal for about 90 years. Wahl created this product with the range of high quality and high power. This machine is made by Wahl, blades using some precision grinding technology for ideal cutting performance.  The quality and sharpness of Wahl blade go viral and it creates a better cut  and one of high quality.

       The Wahl 9854-800 is a rechargeable trimmer that can run for a long time without any double charging, its average time for single charge is 60 minutes without any exhaustion. The deluxe station has four cordless trimmers which give the options to use with your own requirements; it gives you the freedom and flexibility to use these cordless on your all body parts in one without any changing.

      This trimmer has very unique style and its designed is very advanced, made of silicon rubber grip, and make easy for use at all angle on your body. This provides you the cordless convenience with up to 60 minutes in a single charge. This advanced and gorgeous clipper gives you the option to use four attachments for head to full feed you all your needs about grooming.  This trimmer is specially made by making side burns, head or beards, and short hair for all your body grooming.

The blade is used for strand red trimmer of head work for perfect use on your necklines. The other three blades has also tradable cutting for body prepping, for shaver, enumerating and fine clean ups.

IT has also a T blade area for which you can use this for home cutting and large area body parts for grooming. This also provides a shaved head, from which you can use it for smooth finishing touch and this trimmer is also very useful for your ear, nose and eyebrow hairs. This hair groomer provides you 12 different cutting lengths whose range is between 0.5 to 12 mm.  This is complete with a storage stand and featuring best blade of high quality performance, these incredible things are made in USA.

           Wahl 9854-800 Deluxe Grooming Station Rechargeable Trimmer kit is perfect for all facial hair, neck and hair trimming, drawing and all over body use. With everything taken into account this is another top quality item from Wahl, exhibiting why they are so well known among the individuals who request qualified standard prepping devices! Here I also provide you the features of this cool trimmer.





  • It has 7 connection brushes from which you can be capable to blur and give grade your trimming, ideal usage of side hair shorten and whiskers shortening ;
  • It has 4 cutting heads from which you can perform different function such as;  for head or neck hairs, T blade used for body prepping, for shaver to give smooth completion and perfect for tramlines. ;Wahl 9854-800 Deluxe Grooming Station Rechargeable Trimmer Kit
  • It is made with Silicon rubber holding with slick;
  • Charging time approximately 50 minutes;
  • Capable for usage of 60 minutes in single charge;
  • Its design is customized in 12 different styles with different lengths and its normal length lies in 05 to 12 mm, which is incredibly good.

Deluxe Grooming station other Packages:


  • You can also get oil to keep running this product well;
  • you can also get a very soft pooch;
  • Also give you the instruction how can you use this amazing product In a very simple way;
  • You will also get 7 guide combs including 6 position combs as well;
  • Also get its charging stand for free when you bought this;
  • You can also get a cleaning Bruch for cleaning your item;
  • Wahl 9854-800 standard trimmer;
  • Packets of T blades;
  • Foil shaver as well.



        After searching and analyzing of this amazing product, our expert concluded that it is a very useful product, our clients also appraisals item age duration and more advanced components. A friend of mine came to me with this kit to help me write this review and I have tested all its performances and abilities and i was impressed, in my opinion do not skimp on money and buy this creation of the Wahl because you will not regret. If we compare this product with other hair removal then the Wahl 9854-800 deluxe station Grooming Rechargeable Kit is honored in a general score such 80/100 which means it hold such a good quality.



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