Wella Xpert Clipper Hs 71 Professional

(Last Updated On: July 13, 2016)

Wella Xpert Clipper Hs 71 Professional ReviewShort description:

               Clippers are meant to give clean shave and cut in order to make its user appear good and neat. Looking for that perfect clipper that can have you shaved and trimmed with all the smoothness is the priority of men and therefore, having your hands on Wella Xpert Clipper Hs 71 Professional is not only good choice but also an economical option.Wella Xpert Clipper Hs 71 Professional is designed to be hold much easier than others and move without relinquishing most extreme force. Capable all inclusive engine is the hardest and most tough in the business sector. Effortlessly trims through all hair sorts. Xpert cutting blades can be utilized for entire and halfway cuts and make mixes and characterize any length and state of hair style.




-Quality and excellent cutting performance;

-Light weight, less noise and vibration;

– Comfortable handling and easy to operate or work;

– For professional and accurate cutting, it has tapered steel blades;

– Adjustable 3-stage cutting lenghts of 0.5mm, 1.5mm and 2.5mm;

– Perfect ergonomic configuration: contracts towards the back

– Quick charge chip: 60 min

-Quick charging and when fully charged, it runs for over 1 hour 30 minutes;

-Combs lenght of 20,16,14,12,8 and 4 mm.

What`s in the box:


1. Wella Xpert Clipper Hs 71 Professional apparatus,

2. Brush attachments;

3. Different embellishments:

  • charger station,
  • charger pack: 100v ~ 240v charger, Services  110v fitting, Connect a 110v plug (Enclosed inside of Charger)
  • cleaning brush and oil can.



              This Wella Xpert Clipper Hs 71 Professional  is definitely one of the most luxury clippers on the market and for professional use. Is Great IN THE EXTREME and a must-have trimming instrument in any beautician’s toolbox that permits cordless flexibility to make fancy shapes and create exemplary hair styles. It looks like this trimmer is a good one to have, all Wella Trimmers are brand new and ready for use.

 I want to say that one of my friends got this fantastic clipper and he`s very satisfied and i believe him because i tried it several times. I love way the product cutts hair. This is his second one and his first Wella trimmer lasted 12 years unbelievable ! You will never be  disappointed about this wonderful trimming device. Wella Xpert Clipper Hs 71 Professional is the right choice for professional haircuts, smooth trimmed face. Though it is one of the luxury item on the market but it has got the touch of cutting edge technology that gives users that comfort feel after a haircut.

           This clipper is needed in the toolbox of any beautician who hope to give customers what they want and overall, he gets repeated customers who keep coming back for more.Now what are you waiting for? click on the link bellow and purchase this amazing clipper at the best price on the market and i assure you that you will NOT be dissapointed at all. If you get it, please let us know your wonderful experience with this one by leaving here a comment/feedback.



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